Self assessment returns

A very interesting post here on how HMRC can use the issue of a self assessment tax return to collect tax now due and to enforce collection across the years ahead.

I guess it also highlights how tricky it can be to get out of self assessment.

Don’t forget that once you have been issued with a Self Assessment return you have until 31st October following the tax year to file the paper return and 31st January after this for an online return.

If you file late then the penalties are

£100 immediately

£10 per day after 3 months for up to 90 days ie £900

£300 at six months or 5% tax due if higher

£300 at 12 months or 5% tax due if higher

At the 12 month point there are then options of further tax due based penalties depending upon the usual scenarios of



Deliberate and concealed

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