You deserve the best advice – we will give it

Do you need a bookkeeper or a small business accountant? Someone you can trust and ring at any time?Someone who prepares monthly accounts for the price you would pay for a once a year service? If so we should talk. No cost/ no obligation and hopefully you learn a little about how small business finances and tax should be done.

1. Fixed prices from a qualified accountant. Agreed pricing, no surprises and quality guaranteed. Successful managers need good quality information to make the right decisions. We provide this at a reasonable rate. Call me any time for free advice.

2. Guarantees that you can bank on. We will sit down and agree exactly what you need. What we promise will be delivered.

3. Control over your finances with up to date information. Successful businesses need up to date information to make decisions. Why wait until the year end to know your figures? We can provide monthly or quarterly figures at the same price as an annual set of accounts.

4. Always available to answer your questions. Successful managers are always asking what can be done better. If you have a question just give us a call. It’s all in the price.

5. We will help you to budget, manage your expenditure and to answer all your questions.

6. We will come to visit you so you have more time to concentrate on running a successful business.

7. Will work on or off site. We are happy to take your books away to work on or alternatively to sit in your office to update them. No problems.

8. Areas which we cover. Do you need a bookkeeper in Carlisle, Brampton or anywhere in Cumbria or Northumberland? We can help with a professional and secure service.

Interested? Give me a call and we can meet. I will provide a free consultation and answer any questions which you might have.Please note that professional advice like this would normally cost in excess of £100.

Areas I am currently working on.

CIS. Construction Industry Scheme. Client is a plasterer and a  subcontractor. We have to register him with HMRC so that the contractor who pays him can deduct tax at 20% and not the full 30%.There will then be a tax return to fill in and a tax refund to claim.

Tax penalties. The current tax penalty regime can be very onerous. For instance if you fail to file your tax return on time and delay by over 12 months then you are looking at £1600 as a minimum in penalties, even if you don’t owe any tax.

Small retailer. Guiding a shop through their first year of trade. Balancing the wages to ensure that everything is processed correctly and the tax man paid. Guidance on when to register for VAT and should they use the flat rate scheme. Talking through pricing and gross margins. Ensuring as many of the set up costs are claimed for tax purposes as can be.

Debt advice. Sometimes it is just good to have someone to talk to. To discuss borrowings and how to balance the books. This work is mostly done without charging and is a small way to help other people.

Doctor’s tax. Not partnership returns but simply a professional man wanting to ensure that his tax affairs are up to date and that he is claiming all the reliefs to which he is entitled.

Webdesigner working from home. Making sure that we claim as much as we can for use of home as office. Calculating the travel costs to claim and general advice to help establish and grow a small business.

Mum worried about son’s business. A mother worried that her son buying and selling on ebay might lead to tax debts. Free advice explaining obligations and pointing a way forward.

Nurse thinking of becoming self employed. Free advice outlining the steps to take.

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